Saturday, May 01, 2004

Nameless here forever more

Sunday night. The sky is darkened with clouds. A light rain drizzles, but I'm warm and happy. At the very least, I appear quite warm and happy.... Perched in a cushy booth at Sullivan's, more than pleased to see the rich red velvet cake that has been presented to me. I reluctantly share with the man sitting across from me. Nameless here forever more.

He smiles at me with those eyes... Those eyes that love me or, at the very least, want me in bed. I know and he knows that I neither love him nor wish to lie in his bed. Still, he treats me.

While tearing my toffee eyes away from my sweet (the cake, friends...), I spot a friend across the room. A tall and silly, wonderfully fun friend of mine. Nameless here forever more.

My friend saunters up and I introduce the two men. Could the hostility be any more evident? I engage in a quick, light-hearted yet tension-filled chat with my friend. I wink as he goes to part, and the man across from me speaks up. He addresses his superiority and the fact that he's "got the girl."

A sweet mix of anger mingled with something akin to adrenaline envelopes me. I stand in rage and remind this so-called superior man that any affection I show him is a farce. I remind him of his immaturity and the impossibility of my ever being "his girl."

Reaching down and consuming the last rich bite of my red velvet cake, I leave the dining room, trailing an air of confidence and dignity while the now embarrassed man is left to tidy up in my wake. I hear footsteps behind me. I do not stop until I hear my friend call my name. Nameless here forever more.

We leave the establishment and let our minds meander together as we drift hand-in-hand through the quenching rain.

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