Saturday, May 01, 2004

Jenny and the All-Night Diner

She stepped into the all-night diner. Her eyes were red and puffy; she had obviously been crying. The gardenia-mocking scent of Infinity clung to her skin and her tacky polyester clothing. She sat at a table and put her head in her hands. A waitress came up to her table.

"Hey, hon," she drawled. "What'll ya have?" The nametag read Jenny. Jenny had curly red hair pulled up in a ponytail. Her pink cotton uniform fit her perfectly and streched just a bit in all the right places.

"Coffee," said the girl.

"Anything else?"

"No." The reply came short and toneless. Jenny shrugged and left the table, her pink heels, matching her uniform, clicked across the linoleum. She wasn't going to let this girl's mood let her down. She just KNEW that her boyfriend, the one who worked as a skycap at Dulles International, was going to propose soon. She could see it in his eyes; she could just feel it. Sure, he had his faults, but being a pyromaniac isn't so bad... Is it?

The door to the diner opened and a man with a button up blue shirt with a bowling pin over the left breast walked in. He was a regular to the diner. He always sat at the same table, one of Jenny's, and he always ordered the same meal, a glass of orange juice and a tuna fish sandwich.

"Baby!" Jenny squealed.

"Doll face!" Jenny's baby cried in reply. Jenny ran towards him. He didn't look as happy as he sounded.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Jenny asked. Sweetie shook his head.

"Jenny, baby. I don't know how to say this." Jenny held her breath. Was this is? It wasn't very romantic, an all-night diner, no flowers. but still. And he didn't look so happy. Maybe he was just nervous about it all.

"Yes?" Jenny's eyes glowed with anticipation. He shook his head.

"I lost my job, sugar." He hung his head in shame as Jenny gasped in shock. "They looked up my records after than incident in the bathroom. Apparently they frown upon arson." The pyromaniac shook his head again.

"Oh, baby." Jenny breathed. "Well, it'll be all right. You can find another job, and I can work more shifts 'til then." Jenny's baby sighed in frustration.

"Sugar, you don't get it. Listen," he struggled to continued, "I-- I don't think that I should drag you down with me, baby. You know? I mean, maybe," he shrugged, "maybe this is it for us. Let's just see other people or somethin'."

Jenny blinked, then smiled the smile of someone who had no idea of what was going on. She blinked again. Jenny stood up and ran from that booth, from her ex-boyfriend's hold, her pink heels clicking furiously on the shiny linoleum floor.

The girl watched as Jenny flung the door open.

"Jenny," she called. Jenny looked back. "My coffee?"

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