Tuesday, April 27, 2004


"You know, Mary," says Cheryl says in a psuedo-whisper, so only the people in the room can hear here. "I think he's sweet on you." She gestures towards the doorway through which Jeff just walked.

"Everyone's sweet on me!" I wink and all the girls laugh.

"Yea, Mary flirts with everybody," agrees Janet.

So, yes. I do flirt with everybody. And I rather enjoy it! But what is the problem here? Well, leading people on, of course! If one flirts with many, many may assume one is sweet on them. What if my intention isn't to flirt? What if it's just to be friendly? Because, really, mostly... that's all I see it as. Being friendly. But today, I swear Patrick was flirting with me. He is a seriously friendly guy. He has so many girl friends. And by that I mean friends that are female. But he was being silly today. I called his office, and there was no answer, but he called me back. It went sorta like this:

"Is this Mary?"

The physical contact... Normally, aside from adjustments, there is no physical contact. And by that I mean pats on the back and hand shakes, et cetera. Today, he was playing with my hair when we were walking to the office (ponytails are tempting, I'll give him that). I was on the couch-thing chatting he was through adjusting my and he give me his hand to help me up. Then he sorta I don't know pulled on my shirt/pat me on the back when I was leaving. Now, of course, this isn't really incriminating evidence. He seemed like he was in a really goofy mood. He seemed like maybe he was out of it. And he kept going on about the flower... I told him to chill.

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