Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Today I was incredibly productive at the Free Clinic. I managed to smash a framed picture to the ground while filing. I did a good bit of filing. Jeff claimed I was trashing Kathryn's office but in the end was very nice in helping me clean up. And by that I mean he did most of the cleaning up. Jeff is way cool. So much fun to work with. Everyone should have a Jeff to work with. Preferably one that doesn't swipe so many green dots. He does, however, have a neat tattoo of a jester/skull and cross-bones on his back.

So, Miguel said we would talk. He also said we'd go out last night. Well, that if forgivable, you see, he did not come over. But he's been less than 48 hours in the country. I'm not free any other evenings this week until Saturday. Though, I may do my best to fill that.

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