Monday, April 19, 2004

I can't tell you the magic that was our moments together. I don't know how it went. It's something that simply is. To realize it is to obtain such depth, life, and truth. It was true expressions. It wa magical, beautiful, and fragile. It was temporary, and it is gone. Dwell on the expressions of life. They will always be there.

It's spending hours with someone and never knowing the need for words because at that moment, there aren't words enough. It's spending hours on the phone, never a pause in conversation and anything more would not be good enough. It's making love to the stars, singing sad moments, hands in the air, bare feet in the grass, running through the rain. You want to hold tight, but that would ruin it. Grace it and tuck the memories into your heart. Hold them there forever and don't let them slip away. You can't return to what it was, it won't be there. Leave with memories of love....

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