Monday, April 05, 2004

April 25!
Oh-kay. So guess who called me yesterday. From Espana! (what a freaking huge hint...) Michael B.! Yesss! It was sooo cool.
See, I got a call that was from +34515816988 or something like that and I was like whaatt? Not putting two and two together that the + means International call .... ie: Michael!

It was like
"Hey, Mary!!! What's up?!"
"Uh, who is this...?"
"it's michael!"
"huh? Oh! Oh, freak! Oh my freaking gosh
bit's of screaming. So, hey, How's it going?"

Yea, I'm rockin'. It was great :-D He'll be home in three weeks (why the hell did he keep saying two and a half weeks? I think he cannot count...) on April 25. I'm gonna go pick him up at ATL and we'll go out to eat. YEAA! :-D

I miss him a lot sometimes....
Like right now...

I can't believe he's gonna be home in (checks watch) twenty days!

Hehe *giggles school-girlishly...*

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