Friday, April 16, 2004


Finally! I talked to Mrs Ridgeway! Are you reading this Katie? Probably not, I don't think she knows this blog. Just the Smart Pen. Well I talked to Mrs. Ridgeway. She was very understanding.... And then we went into Mrs. Metcalfe's room and talked about the kids. I can't put any of what we said in here obviously. I know people I know read this. If this was completely anonymous that'd be another story.

It's tough working there. Mrs. Ridgeway said I've been doing a really great job. I don't imagine there are too many 19-yr olds who can work at a school like that all year. Especially with the load I sometimes bear. When the teacher aide doesn't do anything and the teacher is out of the room, I sometimes have taught the class. Damn, this'll look good on a resume. I think this is something I'd like to do more in the future, now that I'm not so down about it! I really dig working with those kids. Uh-oh... there's another thought to change major. Elementary Ed. Or maybe not. Maybe I want Secondary ed? I like fourth through sixth graders. I think I might like working with high school kids. Once I'm a bit older than them. Josh, Grace's boyfriend, was older than I am now when we graduated.

So, nine days. Not that I'm counting....

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