Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Hahah, Michael (miguel) sent me an e-mail and it said "hola" and i read it "holla." Well, that was amusing to me anyway.

funny, not so funny story that makes me laugh and people look at me strangely:

Once there was this guy named Bill.

Bill: Hi!

Bill was dating Lorraine

Lorraine: Hi! I'm Lorraine.
Bill: I love Lorraine
Lorraine: I love Bill!

But, Bill was starting to get tired of the relationship

Bill: *sigh*
Lorraine: Pay attention to me!!!

Then, Bill met Clearly

Clearly: Hi! I'm Clearly
Bill: You're cute!

And Bill and Clearly fell in love


Or possibly infatuation

Bill: Umm...

But that's another story all together
Bill: Whew!

Bill was torn because he loved both Lorraine and Clearly

Bill: Uh-oh

Then one day.... Lorraine fell off a cliff

Lorraine: #%*^&%$#
Bill: Uh-oh...

And Bill realized....

Bill: I can see Clearly now! Lorraine is gone!!!!

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