Thursday, April 22, 2004


I found myself in Greenville this morning. Well, I may have put myself there. And by that I mean, I did wake at 9:30 and take Sparky, dear Sparky, to Greenville. You see, I needed this light blue, collared, sleeve-less top. It's really pretty. It goes very well with this earring and neckless set I have. It might also go well with my white Bongo's and white heels and light blue toe-nail polish. And, that might be the planned outfit for Sunday. Yes, I am one of those sad girls who plans every outfit. Especially outfits that might find them at the Atlanta airport on Sunday picking up dear friends named Michael.

I think it is also important to let everyone know that today was a very good hair day. Up, down, wind-blown, it simply looked good. The secret? Day old hair. Hair often looks its best when its a day old. It is a beauty secret to not wash your hair the day of prom. Wash it the day before. Then, they day of prom it will look better and stay in place better.

Anyway, so my hair looked great. I know it did. I turned at least three heads while in the downtown area alone. It could be that I'm just a phenomenally cute person, but ah, well, lets not go there. (I'm very humble, too!) So, good hair, neat outfit, awesome sunglasses. Where is this story going? No where. I just wanted y'all to know that I was having a really good hair day!


All that about me being phenomenally cute and fantastic. All said jovially. My ego is not so huge.... What do I look like? A pilot?

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