Thursday, April 08, 2004


So, we all know I don't believe in this horoscope jizz but I love to read it. Here is my 2--4 forecast::

You kick off 2004 in a great mood, with Mercury, the planet of mental energy, sitting pretty in your sign. Expect both romance and career to heat up this year!


As always, your health blossoms when you spend as much time outdoors as possible. In addition to your old favorite outdoor sports, consider new activities such as gardening and horseback riding.


Your sex life gets spicy when Mars, the planet of sexual energy, slips into your opposite sign from April to May. Then Venus, that sweet planet of amour, has Cupid shooting his arrows your way from May to July! To top it off, look for midsummer travel to increase your romantic options.


Once Jupiter goes direct on May 4, employment and career doors that were previously closed may magically open! Money should also begin to flow more easily. Still, keep a cautious eye on your bank account balance.

GREAT DAYS: January 5, April 10, June 22

TOUGH DAYS: February 11, March 22, September 14

Okay. What is creepy here? hmm, the fact that March 22 was a day that I really really wanted to quit like madness? January 5th, I made plans to see Brian. Ehh, I wouldn't put that in the "great day" catagory. Good day, but not "Ahhh! MICHAEL CALLED ME!" great... February 11th I drove down to Chas. What was bad about that? I don't know. Traffic was awful. Maybe Miguel will call on April 10th? Or something else awesome will happen. I'm going home? I get to see Mike Kirk.... Hmmm.... I hope Miguel calls. I'm gonna refer to Michael Burriss as Miguel from now on in here because it makes things easier to read.... I say michael, you say whoo? michael kirk? michale burriss? some other michael? Hmm, so Miguel comes home in oooh seventeen days, but who's counting?

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