Friday, April 09, 2004


I am like the hugest idoit. Guess what? TOMORROW is April 10th. I was thinking, madly, that Palm Sunday, which is the 4th, was the 10th. Observe:

GREAT DAYS: January 5, April 10, June 22

TOUGH DAYS: February 11, March 22, September 14

Okay. What is creepy here? hmm, the fact that Michael called me on April 10th? And I was freaking elated? The fact that March 22 was a day that I really really wanted to quit like madness? January 5th, I made plans to see Brian. Ehh, I wouldn't put that in the "great day" catagory. Good day, but not "Ahhh! MICHAEL CALLED ME!" great... February 11th I drove down to Chas. What was bad about that? I don't know. Traffic was awful.

But the April 10th really made me say: "oooh"

From the last posting.... but I fixed it......

Weeeelllll... I'm betting he'll call tomorrow, eh? You think? that'd be super. Tomorrow, fifteen days, not that I'm counting....

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