Monday, April 26, 2004


Ah, you may have noticed that the countdown is finished. Yes, my friends, Miguel is home. I went to pick him up from the Atlanta airport. I drove two hours. Stood waiting for fourty minutes. In heels. Ah! He is spotted! Ah... he does not spot me. Ah... he's walking... right... past me. "Michael!" I jump out and embrace him. Ahh.. :-D Ah. it's not quite so warmly reciprocated. Oh, well, he's been off the plane but a few minutes. Give him a breather. Breath. Ahhhh....

Baggage found. Car eventually found. We are now in car. Ahh, still no kiss. Nope. He looked at me when we got into the car and knew just what I was thinking. "No, no, no..." says Miguel. So, no kiss. Oh-kay. Whatever.

Downtown Atlanta. Where, oh where, is that Tapas place I'd found before. For all my life, I could not find Virginia and Highlands. He could not find his way to Briarwood. We drive off. We shall eat elsewhere.

Frustrated I tell him I wish I'd know that he wanted to be just friends. I could be hitting it off with Bredon as we speak. My tact does not work. He doesn't seem to be jealous. Foiled! (Although, Bredon is way hot... See April 11)

We stop for food. Afterwards, I presume he's had his chance to get his bearings because he offers me a hug. The offer goes mostly unnoticed as I return to my seat behind the wheel. Now shotgun, I'm handed the excuse that I surprised him when he had been ten minutes on American soil. Oh-kay. Oh! So, he's ready to kiss me know. Oh, I could be stronger. Nah. I don't really want it anymore. Oh, but there he is. Oh... okay. Oh... Ohh, that was nice. More... Ohh... Oh-kay, let's go home now...

So, we'll talk more, later. Okay. Fingers crossed. He said if was going to get into a relationship, it'd be with me. -- You better believe it, sucker. I see you clutching another babes paw... I'm liable to get slightly upset. Though probably not anywhere where you'd ever know... Why would you let someone know that they'd succeeded at really really getting to you? -- I digress. I admit, if I were to enter into a relationship, well, I wouldn't mind if it were Miguel.... Do I want in one? Well, everytime I see him, I want to kiss him. No, Mary! Deeper. Oh... well... Jimmy says "friends!" I am going to college next year. So, I've had LD's and decent social scenes at the same time before.

Regardless. This is what to do: hold your head high and never let them get you down, girlfriend. If there's no relationship to be had, we'll that's fine by you. If there is, well you'll take that, too. Remember, you are a queen. You rule!

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