Thursday, March 25, 2004

Things you learn from The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love

*You must actually get to know someone at least slightly before you can hate him or her. You can't really hate someone with out hearing their story. That's the way I see it.
*Randomly alternating between a man's sucesses and failures with you will keep him interested. If you keep letting him win, he'll get bored. If you keep letting him loose, he'll shrivle up. Happy medium, girls.
*The promise of a blowjob will get any guy to do anything for you. I said the promise of one, not the doleing out of. Best done in groups. "If you do this one li'l ole thing for us, all six of us will give you a blow job."
*If a man is paying too much attention to his apperance, he's not paying nearly enough attention to us. Obvious, girls.
*Be Particular Don't pick the first thing that comes along. Pick and choose. Be selective
*Always shave your legs -- and whatever else needs to be hairless. You never know
*Always wear pretty underwear. You'll feel more confident. Promise.
*Never wear panties to a party. You must also tell someone, husband boyfriend etc, that women don't wear panties to parties. The effect is incredible. You'll know instinctivly who to tell.
*The five men you must have in your life at all times are
(1)A man who can fix things
(2)A man you can dance with
(3)A man who can pay for things
(4)A man you can talk to
(5)A man to have great sex with
*Buy your own crown and delcare yourself queen. Spend the rest of your life living into that.

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