Friday, March 26, 2004

Sometimes when you work with kids who have speech impairments, you just have to laugh. It's like Bill Cosby said: Kids say the darndest things, and they really do. Damn straight. For example, a lot of preschool-age boys really like to talk about trucks, and a lot of preschool age boys also have developmental speech delays which cause them to substitute the " f " - sound for the consonant cluster " tr ". This means that when the little guys I work with are in particularly chatty moods, I get to hear all about fire fucks, garbage fucks, tow fucks, Transformer fucks, Power Ranger fucks, fast blue fucks, fucks with sirens, fucks with ladders, fucks with lots of wheels, fucks with motorcycles in the back, really big long fucks, etc. And although speech impairments are clearly no laughing matter, I just figure if you can't laugh at that, what can you laugh at?
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