Monday, March 15, 2004

I had such an effing good time! oh my goodness. THAT'S RIGHT! I said EFFING! Hahaha. I really ought to be working out right now... but I will do that in a bit. Oh what is that ef word? I forget. It's not fantastic, is it? Oh well. This is really really mindless because I'm slightly out of it....

Oh dear heavens... school today was unruly. UNRULY! And, thats in comparison to how they usually are! Children biting children over "Ten Little Ladybugs" a sweetly delightful book. Children screaming like banshees. Children rapping and rapping about parts of the anatomy. Jumping up and running all over the room because I WAS THE ONLY ADULT IN THERE. Heavens to betsy (which, by the way, is completely of unknown origin! Nobody knows where that saying came from! Why heaven? Who's betsy? Isn't that grand...) What the hell were they thinking?

It was ... exhausting... and my shoes are no longer phat. And I'm racist and a bitch... I think I'm the bomb diggity... I go clubbing, I cuss and I only go to New Foundations for the money... No no no... I'm not really all of those things, but that's what I get told.

"You never like to work with me. You're racist."
I'm working with her... she's black. I asked you if you needed help. You said no...
"Oh, well, The only reason you're here is the money!"
Honey, I don't get paid to come here...
"Then why are you here?"
So I can see your sweet smiling face.
I'm here to work with you.
Do your work.


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