Thursday, March 04, 2004

I didn't say that the passion of Christ doesn't move me. But that the movie The Passion didn't move me. It didn't cause me to reflect anymore than any enactment of the passion I've seen. It didn't put any pictures in my head that I hadnt' already thought of. I know how gruesome it was and the awful weapons they used to torture him. But, it seems to me, that I would rather have never seen it. I haven't met anyone else with this idea. Everyone else in the theatre was in tears. Yet, I wasn't. My sister found this incredibly hard to believe, but what can I say? I don't know, when I tell people I didn't like it, they're thinking "ohh, she would rather remain blissfully ignorant. sigh..." Because people are like "did you not like what it made you think? is that it?/ did you not like seeing how it happened? is that it?" no no no no no! It's frustrating. All of a sudden I'm a horrible person because I didn't like one freaking movie. One rather powerful, moving movie with an important message to tell that's more than just a movie, though. If I ever told some of my friends at home that I didnt' like it... they'd I don't know, probably freak out. My favorite parts of the movie were when it reflected on his life. It's not that I don't reflect on what he did for us, but I prefer to reflect on his life. Everything he taught us. If you focus on JUST the passion, you miss a lot. If you focus on JUST the life, you miss a lot. You need to focus on the whole, life, passion, resurection!

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