Monday, January 05, 2004

So these should go in the smart pen, but I'm realizing that the original always lasts the longest:

So, I lie here on my bed, pretending I'm creative.
Pages of prose surround me.
The room, bathed in soft candlelight.
Drunk on wine, I believe I'm beautiful.

You don't know what you want
We all piled on the bed
You were tired and I was tired, but Gods!
I couldn't sleep.

Even when we had the double to ourselves,
Sleeplessness prevailed.

As we lay on our sides,
Your arm around me,
We were two spoons,
Close as could be.

I rolled over at the insistence of your hand
Caressing my skin.

You wet my lips and invaded my mouth.
I pressed my length to yours.

But in the morning,
I must wake to greet another.

I curl up beside you,
With your arm around me,
Wondering what the future could bring.


Showing off your mad soccer skillz
Thinking I'm impressed?
Well, maybe I pretend to be
Because, I know naught of soccer
But it keeps your attention
Fixed to me


Tongues intwine as lips press close
Bodies heat together at hips grind tight
Minds collide when we are one


I'll put these on the smartpen when I'm satistifed

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