Thursday, January 01, 2004

Homeworks Christmas Break, Dec 27-30! It ROCKED my SOCKS off! It was so freaking purple! Hank didn't spend the night and Chip didn't really care about sleeping arrangements. I didn't bring my air mattress, but it was OK, because Ricky and Katie both brought doubles. Ricky also brought his friend, Brian, from Clemson. The first night we had both next to each other and started out all four sleeping on Ricky's bed and then Ricky and Katie rolled onto Katie's double and Brian and I spooned. It was cool. Half way through the night he was rubbing my tummy and I rolled over and we kissed. We got almost no sleep that night because Ricky and Katie were talking and the air system kept waking us up. I woke up at 530 anyway and left for Anderson to say farewell to Michael Burriss. We kissed (yes, I know, two guys in a day) and he is going to miss me like mad, but he'll live. I like Brian lots, anyway. We slept in Ricky's bed all week.

Ricky didn't get to the site until 4 pm on the first day, and when I saw Brian, I thought he was cute. He has these sunglasses that look way hott on him.... oh well I gotta go to bed because everyone at our New Years party is wanting to crash, so I'll finish this later.

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