Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Brian is a punk. No, make that PUNK. I'm being a complete female about this whole situation.

See, he was supposed to call me on MLK, jr. day and we were going to go to the movies or something in the afternoon. He said he'd call me in the AM. Of course, I still wasn't worried when he hasn't called by noon, because as a college boy, he was for sure sleeping. By five pm, however, I might've been pissed. By that, I mean I was. Because I am going through this logistical trouble of getting the car for a WHOLE DAY and he doesn't call. And, no, I didn't call him. Because he was supposed to call me. (like I said, complete female)

See, he's called me ONCE. That was the first phone call. I've called him every other time, other than once when I called him and he was in the shower and then he called me and I was away from my phone and I called him back later. So, that makes twice that he's called me, once that he's initiated the phone conversation, and like at least five to seven (I don't know) that've i've initiated the phone conversation. So, it is sooo his turn to call me. And, no he still hasn't. And I'm going to be pissed when he calls, and he's not going to know why.

See, his problem is that he doesn't realize that once you kiss a girl and then say lets be friends, it doesn't guaruntee that there will be no attachement. I mean, what do I look like? Someone with a y chromosome? No, I have two, count 'em, two x's. That means, you kissed me recently sucker. If you say you're going to call, you either better call or be in serious pain that'll make me feel bad and make you soup.

And of course I haven't called him or e-mailed him. I'm going to be a complete girl about this and explode on him when he doesn't know what's coming because he won't realize he forgot to call until THURSDAY!

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