Tuesday, December 16, 2003

wow, okay, good stuff that has happened in short: 12/6 Army vs. Navy game and dinner w/ Mary Quinn 12/7: invited Michael to LMAC Party. 12/9 Michael and I went to a movie. Yesss! 12/10 After JustFaith, went to Corbitt's with Sharon, Dan, and Kelli. 12/11 Ricky came over, yay! Went for coffee with Michael 12/12 My b-day! 12/13 LMAC Party 12/14 Tree Trimming at Lisa's 12/15 Com. Night

Alright, first things first 12/6: Went out to coffee that morning and when I called Josh, I discovered he still didn't have his liscence. Well, this was not going well at all. Like Leo said: Never trust a Josh. When well I listen? But coffee was good! Carlos, a few of his students, Kelli, and I. Sigh, I will so miss Carlos when he goes on the Camino, ooh but so excited for him! Then, Army Navy game... I missed it, but it was 34 to 6... NAVY! YESSS! It was superb! I hear... lol! That night Mary Quinn and her husband Matt came over for dinner and we went to see the Light's of Hope. Very pretty! It was at the park on Hartwell where I like to hang.

12/7 9:30 mass as usual. Erin walked up the aisle with me during communion. She is so cute. Afterwards there was "Roy Mac's High Holy Breakfast" or, "bre-fast" as Brother Ray says. It was more like a do it yourself deli. But still good. We sang we wish you a merry christmas and there were door prizes. I didn't get anything, but I didn't want to, so it's all good. Kelli got a bag of sugar (basically) and Michael got a fruit basket. So, earlier (like the day before) I had realized that Josh wasn't gonna make the cut to the party. So, all through "bre-fast" I was working up my nerve, and then afterwards, while everyone was simply mingling, I moseyed over and mentioned I had an extra ticket to a Christmas Party at my dad's work, and did he want to come? Yea, sure, he'd love to! Yesss! Superb! Happy happy joy joy! Lol, and then this woman asked Lisa if her (Lisa's) daughter might want to be in the pagent as Mary. Her daughter? The woman motioned to me. Ohhh, Lisa said she felt old! And, though it's a real, warm, cute baby... umm no. Thank you though. I do look the part don't I? Angelic and holy and everything? And humble too. And Corrine gave us all some new stuff. I get the best because her daughter was about my size :-D

12/9: Michael called while I was having lunch between free clinic session to ask if I want to go to see bad santa that night. Wow! He had exams the next day even. I said yes (duh) and when dan came home 10 minutes later, I was grinning and bouncing. I showered before I went to spanish class and dan was teasing me, saying in his weird voice he does, oh mary's got a boyfriend, and something about me getting fixed up for my date. And I said "yea, it's called spanish class" and he said "yea right, since when do you fix up your hair for spanish class?" lol! Spanish class was good, and I got home and walked around my room, antsy, until Michael got there. Now, Bad Santa is the crassest movie... but it's sooo hilarious! After that, we hung out at my house for a few hours (until about 12:30 or 1) and he had to go home. So I saw him to the door and gave him a hug goodbye.

12/10: I get to JustFaith, Carlos and Lisa give me these looks and winks and Carlos his laugh. "Bad Santa" is all they have to say and I'm glad I don't blush easily. Well everyone wanted to know what that was about. I just told them we had seen this crazy, crass, funny movie. I'm glad they weren't too curious. Afterwards, Sharon, Dan, Kelli, and I went to Corbitt McGee's for trivia. It was almost over, but it was good. Then we drove Sharon home. On the way home, we realized that Sharon and Lisa live right next door, so we pop by. We end up staying for about 30 minutes drinking eggnog with southern comfort (yum) and I made lotsa magnetic poetry on her fridge and aranged the number and letters to say "867 5309 Jenni" but one "n" was a sideways "z" but that's the closest I could get to Jenny.

12/11 I slept in until 11:30 and I only woke because Dan called from the Clinic. It was good thing to because Ricky called and then swung by to get paper work and we chilled for about an hour, woulda been longer but I had to go to the Clinic. After that, I went home and I was studying spanish, and dan and kelli went to the "Most Beloved Turkey" dinner. About 30 minutes after they left, michael called while I was saying "Yo Tengo, tu tienes, el tiene..." etc etc and asked if I wanted to get some coffee. Well, Yea! So we went out, and I silly me, had a chai at about 8/8:30 pm! (Didn't get to sleep until 3:30) And we talked and hung out for like 2 hours and then we decided to go back to my house and watch midnight in the garden of good and evil. Well, we never watched it, but that's not the point. We got back to the house and went out and got some goods (beer and wine coolers) and hung out for a while, Dan, Kelli, Michael, and I. Then the former two went to bed and Michael and I retired to my room to hang out and talk. He digs Dashboard Confessional! Yesss! Then at like 1 he left because we all had to get up way early.

12/12 My birthday! What a great day! Despite the fact that I got all of one hour of sleep! I crawled into bed as soon as michael left intending to get right to sleep. Nope. I got to sleep at 3 am after 20 decades of the rosary. And then I woke up at 4 am because I needed to pee and I was hungry... I didn't get back to sleep. I went pee and got some food and read LOTR until I decided to turn off my alarm clocks so they didn't wake the house and get dressed. The Our Lady of Guadelupe service was at 5 am and of course, Carlos and Michael were there. It was great. We sang songs in spanish and I didn't know what I was saying... but I like Santa Maria de la Camina . afterwards, there was hot chocolate and pastries in the hall. Then we went to Big John's and for breakfast and it was great! I got the last gravy biscut AND carlos asked me what shoes I was wearing to the party. That made me soo happy. Then we went to Joe's were we met Lisa. I got a irish cream latte and buzzzzzed off of caffeine for a while. (meaning all day.) Lisa had a card and a gift for me. It was nail polish! Yeaaaahhh! It was the bestest! We all dispersed 9:40 ish for school/work (same thing for carlos. lisa, and I) or sleep. The kids at CDP discovered it was my birthday and drew me pictures "Happy Birthday Ms. Mary!" and everytime someone would act up, Thomas would say "Hey y'all, be good, it's her birthday" it was sweet. That night, we had dinner at the friary and lo and behold, I got strawberry cake! Afterwards, we went to see The Last Samuri with Lisa, Carlos, and Michael. Being little, I kicked off my boots and curled up in my chair and when it got scary, I found opportunity to lean against Michael. (:-D)And, yay! He got me the book of how to survive any situation or something like that! Ahh, I'd seen it at B&N a million times but never bought it! How groovy! After the movie we went back to our house and chilled. The other FVMs called me to wish me happy b'day and that was sweet. After a little bit, Lisa and Carlos left, and Dan went to bed. Michael and I went into my room and talked for a bit, and chatted and then he attacked me... well he discovered I'm way ticklish and then attacked me. It was fun. :-o And then when he left, we kissed goodnight (yeeaaaa) and I would've squealed as soon as I closed the door, but kelli and dan were sleeping.

Still have to write about: LMAC Party, Tree Trimming, and Community night, but will do that later.....

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