Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Some nights I just need to get out of the house, like tonight I went and saw a movie with a friend. It was nice to hang out with someone else.... Like, last night, they ditched me... now if I had known the reason, I wouldn't've been pissed... but I didn't know... See, I asked dan where he was going b/c he was putting he coat on and he said he was going to go bring tea to a friend. I was like, oh who? and he said "a friend," because being all secretive like that drives me mad, and he thinks its funny. Then I saw that Kelli was going too, so they were both leaving. I asked them a few more times and I got the same response. I got pissed and went into my room. Then as they are leaving, Kelli says "We're going to bring tea to Lisa" and they leave. Lisa is a friend of ours (ours, not theirs, ours) at church. So I'm like, great, thanks for inviting me guys! And this is at 10 pm.... they get home at 1:30 at which point I feign sleep as they've both got me upset. Today, I was telling my friend who I went to the movies (lisa is actually a professor at his school and he goes to the same church as we do, so he knows her) and then Kelli came to tell me that Lisa had been having a bad day and dan wanted to surprise her with tea to cheer her up. He didn't tell me because he thinks it's funny when I get up in arms about not knowing. Well, 'scuse me if I don't like it when my housemates take the car and don't tell me where they're going. I've never done that. Geez. But, I mean, I don't like staying angry, it makes for an uncomfortable household dynamic... so I wasn't pissed at them in the morning. I mean, it's still sore... but everythings okay, you know?

So, long explaination of why my housemates sometimes get me upset.

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