Thursday, December 11, 2003

Christmas Survey taken from LadyTiffanyAnne's: Look Into My Mind

Name: Mary

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?: The giving spirit that is so abundant

What holidays do you celebrate?: ramadan... no joking, but I have friends (yes catholic friends, tiffany) who celebrate Ramadan,and I think I'm spelling it wrong.... I celebrate the christian holiday

What is your favorite Christmas song?: Trans Siberian Orchestra's: A Star To Follow; Santa Baby; Carol of the Bells; O Come O Come Emmanuel

What Christmas song gets on your nerves but you still manage to tolerate?: Jingle Bell Rock

What Christmas song is the one Christmas song you absolutly cannot stand?: Any played before Thanksgiving

Would you say that you are ready for Christmas?: Am I ready to spend time with my family and friends? Umm yea!!!!

What was the best Christmas gift you ever recieved?: Oh, the barbie jeep powerwheel when I was seven, oh wait I NEVER GOT THAT AND I AM PERMANENTLY SCARRED --

Do you still believe in Santa?: It's all about child-like innocence... or is it childish innocence?

If you answered no to the above question at what age did you stop believing in Santa?: Well I didn't say yes or no, did I?

What is your favorite collection of Christmas songs?: Trans Siberian Orchestra

Of all the holiday specials they show on tv which one is your favorite?: DUH, the grinch who stole christmas

Do you have any big plans for Christmas vacation?: Yea, I'm doing Home Works, spending 4 days, working on houses for the impoverished.

What do you look foward to most about the year 2004?: College

Do you make New Year's resolutions?: Other than to corner that cutie under the mistletoe before the party's up, Why make a promise you won't keep. I make resolutions throughout the year...

Do you ever keep them?: See above.

What's the one New Year's resoulution that you have trouble keeping?: Umm See above...

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