Friday, December 26, 2003

Are you a girl? Hell, yes

What are you wearing? jeans, a pink and gray rugby, and a blue sweatshirt

Are you wearing makeup? Does it look like I have a date?

Do you polish your nails? Sometimes, not too often

Do you like pink? Yea, I'm way girly, accd to Dan.

Do you like cute stuff like Hello Kitty, Power Puff Girls? Soo Cute!

Do you wanna save "it" till your married? Yea babe

Would you kiss on the first date? No, kiss on the cheek, maybe. But I wait until second or third date to dole out some of that sweet sugar of mine

What would your ideal date be? Out with some fun hottie, including a great movie, and coffee and a stroll. Holding hands during the stroll, and kiss goodnight. That's the romantic date. A fun date would be going to Atlanta, to the Tapas bar, and browsing the cool shops there, and playing in the crazy playground.

Do you like romantic songs/flicks? Duh, what is more fun than falling in love? Listening to Matt Nathanson makes me feel like I'm in love

What would you do if your bf slept with another girl? Slap him, cry and make him feel like a jerk, tell all my "big brothers" and make him run for his life, oh yea, and slap him. Sigh, I wouldn't really hurt him physically, because that's wrong. But I'd make sure he felt like a huge jerk about it.

Are your friends "girlie" or "tomboy"? My friends? Normal girls... I mostly hang out with guys, and friars. :-D

What do you like about yourself? I've got a crazy personality and I'm bold and flirty

What celeb do you think you look like? Steve Hataier said I look like Lucy Lui. But he's mad

Do you like shopping? On someone else's card!

Would you ever kiss a guy who wouldn't want more then a hug? If he was cute and a good kisser

Friends or boys first? Friends. And a good bit of my friends are boys... but Friends ALWAYS come first!

Ever sat there watching a chick flick, eating chocolate, and crying because your heart was broken? Oh my goodness, YES! It's the most, to say the least. The Very least.

Best thing about being a girl? I can get guys to open doors for me, and I can get Michael "all riled up", and girls have sweet kisses, and girls smell nice and are so pretty

Worst thing? Periods. Period.

What would you do if you were a boy for one day? Kiss a girl :-) I'm sure is diff than kissing a boy.

Do you want a bf? Well, right now, no, because I just wanna do the friend thing with everyone. Now, if Michael were staying in town, that'd be no question.

Are you crushing on someone? I'm not sure crushing is the right word...

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