Wednesday, November 26, 2003

*~*Have You Ever…?*~*
01. Fallen for your best friend? Christopher wasn't my best friend, but a durned good'un, so was Michael
02. Made out with JUST a friend? Yea, with **** about a year ago
03. Been rejected? Do you know who you're talking to??
04. Been in love? I really did love Chris
05. Been in lust? How many of us can truely say we have not?
06. Used someone? Likely, I'm afraid
07. Been used? Oh sure... where to start, Talon, Jeremiah, Joshua N.,
08. Cheated on someone? well, sorta
09. Been cheated on? Well, sorta, not really
10. Been kissed? Sure, lotsa times
11. Done something you regret? Well, sure, but I've gotten to where I am today, haven't I?

*~*Who Was The Last Person…*~*
12. You touched? I was in a closet telling stories with Lisa's daughter, Erin
13. You talked to? See above
14. You hugged? I hugged Erin when she got to the house
15. You Instant Messaged? IMed Josh last night
16. You kissed? Well, if kisses on cheeks count, hmmm, brother ray last night when I left the friary... if you mean romantic kisses, it's been since like, november 3 or something..? And that was Alan
17. You had sex with? is that any of your business??
18. You yelled at? I'm not sure... Brent, that jerk, probably....
19. You laughed with? Erin, when telling stories
21. Who broke your heart? A lot of us can say we broke our own hearts, but it was with Christopher and Michael

*~*Do You...*~*
22. Color your hair? I wanna put purple streaks in sometimes
23. Have tattoos? like, rub on, right? lol
24. Have piercing? in my ears
25. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? I have guy friends, and Father is trying to set me up with some kid named Lance
27. Own a web cam? oh, yes, if you just go to you have me 24/7 ;-)
28. Ever get off the computer? Yea, duh, because we have dial up and I am not the only person in this house
29. Sprechen sie deutsche? Nine
30. Habla espanol? mi hable pequeno espanol (that's probably reallyreally bad grammar... I'm just learning now..)
31. Quack? Aflack
32. Parler vous francis? Je parle un petit peu

*~*Have You / Do You/ Are You...*~*
33. Stolen anything? Used to shoplift a heck of a lot... now I just take spoons from restaurants...
34. Smoke? I took a drag once when I was like 12, but it did nothing for me
35. Schizophrenic? No...
36. Obsessive? No... not really, except about grammar... I'm a grammar freak
37. Compulsive? No, not really
38. Panic? Well, what are you gonna do when your hair is on fire????
39. Anxiety? I worry a lot, but no big deal
40. Depressed? Not these days
41. Suicidal? Not these days

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