Sunday, October 26, 2003

Well it's Sunday morning. Did you remember to set your clock's back?

Michael kirk is an "entracing" kisser *ooooh*

well, yesterday we (keltic, dan, br. ray, greg williams, and I) went to Partners In Ministry. It was a workshop held by Holy Name Province(out of NY yessir) up in Raleigh NC. It was great. I really dig franciscan spirituality even if the Chapter of Canons think the OFM's need stomping out. They know nothin' baby. I took 2 workshops, one on worship and it's implications on ministry. She talked mostly about the liturgy and us as the body of Christ. It was good. I took lots of notes. The 2nd workshops was on spiritual direction in the franciscan tradition. She talked about what spiritual direction is and stuff like that. It wasn't what I thought it'd be. I don't know what I was looking for. But it wasn't bad... just not what I had been expecting.

After that we drove to Greensboro and spent some time with Dan's room mate's family: the Young's. They are incredibly kind and hospitible. And they have a GORGEOUS house. I want the blue prints and any man who wants to marry me must be willing to built it or have it built. No, just kidding, but it was spectacular. Dinner was of similar caliber. Filet Mignon, it was rare or med. rare. I don't know these things. But it was the best steak I'd ever had. Tuna steak, cooked same. So very good. Asparagus and tomatoes; whipped potatoes; delish salad; it was all so good! But after my first glass of wine, mr young discovered I'm a mere 18 and I felt bad and I didn't drink anymore. Which is fine because I'm a lightweight anyway. Ohhh desert was this delicious chocolate pie. I was so full after dinner, I didn't think I'd be having any desert, but ummmmm! It was sooo good!!!

Sadly, we did have to go home and we left the youngs at 930 pm ish. Greg and Dan did all the driving to Greenville and then when we dropped Greg off at his car on Pelham rd, I took over and drove home. It was a beautiful night, listening to the sweet stylin's of tracy chapman...

Across the lines
Who would dare to go
Under the bridge
Over the tracks
That separates whites from blacks

Don't you know
They're talkin' about a revolution
It sounds like whisper...

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away
We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way

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