Monday, October 06, 2003

My date was so much fun! The conversation flowed better than any first date I've ever been on! Seymour Birdlegs is just a groovy restaurant. After dinner, which consisted of: appetizers of fried green tomatoes and a spinach/artichoke dip (yum!) and also barbeque wings! It was sooo yummy!

Then we went to this little park on Lake Hartwell. It was really pretty. We were sitting at a stone picnic table, he was sitting on one of the benches and I was sitting on the table. We were just talking about life, the universe and everything! I had taken off my boots and he started giving me this great foot massage!

After a while, he had to go to his editing session, so we took off, but Damon (editing dude) wasn't there yet. Alan called him and Damon said he'd be back in an hour, he was visiting his daughter. So we went to Joe Muggs (coffee shop in Books-A-Million). More foot massages. More conversation about everything.

There was a girl there who caught a giant grasshopper in her coffee cup and she named it Spartacus. It was actually really funny.

Afterwards, we went to the editing session. That was sorta boring. But more foot massages. I talked to Keltic all about everything when I got home. So that was nice. She's not going to tell Dan or Jake or anything like that of course...

Anyway, we did go out to lunch. It was sooo yummy! Grilled salmon and ambrosia salad. Friends is one of the greatest restaurants in town! And after lunch, we went to his recording studio... At about 4:45 I called the house and nobody answered, so Alan took me home so I could figure out where my housemates dissapeared off to... The door was locked but the van was there. I open it, Jakub is there. He always locks the house door... DURING THE DAY and does not answer the stupid phone ever. Its really annoying.

Anyway, Alan is comming back into town on Sunday after this gig in NC that he has, and we're going to go out again.

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