Thursday, October 16, 2003

Keltic and I were having girl talk about Alan today while she was practicing guitar. She thinks that he might be a little sketchy because he's a lot older than me, but it's up to me if I wanna date him. She was saying that she thinks it kinda bad that I have to hide it, but I told her I just don't want people to freak out. I have a feeling that Katie(program director) is going to ask me about Alan and if she does, I'm not going to lie. What can she do? Fire me? I just told Keltic how I felt about it and how well we mesh. She just nodded. Oh well. She's still a super girlfriend.

Looked at more colleges today. Took Alan's advice to follow my heart and not my head, because I tend to look at colleges near where friends and sig. others and people like that are. So since I was looking at Quincy, St. Vincent, and Madonna (as in the Virgin Mother, not the pop star) Universities first, I think they are my top choices. They're in illinois or indiana or iowa or some "I" state, I believe. Also, Quincy is already giving me 9K renewable scholarship if I apply! Aren't they sweet...

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