Saturday, September 06, 2003

Well, youth group isn't really started up yet, but we are working on it. I'm not really like in charge or anything except of the newsletter. Not to be cruel, but it's childish in comparison to the United Underground... And I don't feel uncomfortable saying that b/c they put out even less issues than we did! (one)
In addition to working with the youth group, I am also going to straighten up the accolites (sp?) here! They are ... shabby... They look soooo not reverent. They look bored! I want to evoke fear in those children so when they see me they stand/sit straight as anything!...and hold their darn hands properly!! (They slouch and they're hands hang down... arg)

Also, I am working with New Foundations, formerly Anderson Youth Association. It is an organization for troubled kids, 10-16. The part I will be working with is the residential area. They live there anywhere from six months to years and years... I met a kid, Jason, who has been there seven years... There are kids who are maybe mentally disabled, or kids who are social delinquints. They don't know how to control their anger. I'll sorta be a mentor. During the school day I'll probably be tutoring and stuff. I will probably spend the after school hours I am there in the Girls pod (four pods, three boys one girls... boys are trouble makers!!! jk)....
They just need lots of TLC, you know

I'm also working with Crisis ministries... I will be an assistant facilitator (eventually) with one of the support groups. I am not sure which yet... there is bipolar, depression, and survivors of suicide, which is like for people who's loved one committed suicide.

And some afternoons I will be working at the Pharmacy at the Free Clinic. Just doing whatever they want me to do... answering phones, filling perscriptions, etc...

I am going to be pretty busy, but that's what I like! I will have at least one day off. I haven't decided which day yet. I don't start working for a while because I don't know my schedule yet. We are still visiting ministries. Tomorrow we are visiting the Hospice, but I don't think I'd like to work there....I don't wanna sound cruel or anything... but working with old people just isn't my bag... It makes me nervous.

Oh and every Wednesday night, we have JustFaith, which is a scriptural, faith based study into social ministry.

Every friday at 1730 we have dinner with the friars, Father Dave, Father Tom, Brother Ray, and Sister Elise... Once a week, the four of us: Dan, Kelli, Jake and I will have to spend an evening together in community. And once a week we have to pray together, but we will probably do it more often... I am thinking of suggesting something simple every morning, like the Angelus or three hail marys for faith, love, and charity

one of the FVMs from 2000, her name is Mary, what a great name, she works for United Way in anderson, and she shows us around to the ministries

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