Monday, September 08, 2003

How I miss the high mass at St. Mary's! I am at St. Mary's of the Angels and its a very small church (I'm sure we could fit several in St. Mary Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Fr. David is very soft spoken and gentle and the mass is so very relaxed. Everybody holds everybody's hand during the Lord's Prayer and everybody shakes everybody's hand during the sign of peace (even during daily mass). Now, this isn't an altogether bad thing (although, I'd rather not hold hands during the Lord's Prayer... ). It's nice, once in a while, but I miss the high mass very much! I really enjoy Father Newman's homilies and how everything is so reverent and elaborate. I really do. And our alter servers! I got so used to them, it was a bit of a shock to see the little girl carrying the cross down the aisle.... I so look forward to my visit home, to my home parish. I have already told my house mates that I must come home for the Easter Tridium (my favorite)!

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