Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Hey y'all out there in bloggerland! I am at the Anderson County Library. Not to shabby, better than G'vegas', architecture wise... I haven't explored the resources yet... just been using the internet... Anyway, I really really really miss you guys from youth group! I've been chatting with a few of you online. Aww, poor Logan... she had to get TIFFANY to tell her to pull her shirt down! And Tiffany, Patrick and Stevo went to the Coffee shop. But it's all good. I am enjoying the life here in anderson. It is seriously humorous! Dan and Jake are really fun, a bit of idiots sometimes, but not really like jerks. They're always talking about girls. And then Kelli and I start talking about the hott guy in the Jeep with the Glasses up in Richmond. But that's just to mock the guys. They don't get it. And everytime we laugh about anything, when we're walking around down town or something... the guys think we're giggling over some hott guy. (Not)

Anyway, I started working with the youth group. And we visited the soup kitchen. This morning we had a 730 meeting at Jittery Joe's with Al Watson about Crisis Ministries. I think I would like to be an assistant facilitator with a Crisis Ministry support group. They have Depression groups, Survivors of Suicide, Bi Polar groups, and some other stuff I don't remember. I'd probably like to work with any of em... Bi Polar would be really facinating. Kelli is getting into it to b/c she is a psych major. Survivors of Suicide would also probably interest me, as it has some ties right now. Anyway, 2morrow we are touring the Hospice and Then I think that afternoon, Dan and Kelli are checking out Meal on Wheels. We'll also be checking out the Anderson Free Clinic; Anderson Youth Associate, and it's residential house for troubled kids; the detention center, maybe the city jail; and a couple after school tutoring programs. I am probably going to work with AYA. The Hospice and Meals on Wheels don't really interest me. It would be fun to visit shut in's with the four of us, though. Wouldn't that be awesome. And, not being mean or cruel, but I don't like working around older people.... It just makes me nervous.... I like working with youth. I am probably going to work with AYA and also the after school programs...

well I have to go... I am almost out of time!!!

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