Saturday, September 27, 2003

Guess what? I got hypnotized at the fair tonight! Apparently, it was hilarious. I don't know if you believe in it, but just read on. Please? Something rather important happened. People were coming up to me even as we were in our car leaving the parking lot, saying that I did it with class. :-)

Anyway, I was there with my housemate, Dan, and I don't remember a lot. I remember meditatively breathing (I've been practicing meditation recently. It chills me out) and I remember something about a chick flick. Then I woke up what felt like five minutes later and I wasn't wearing my scarf or my flipflips. They were strewn about on the stage along with other shoes. And we had been up there for like an hour and a half! The hypnotist" The Sand Man" let us off stage when we "woke up."

While we were sitting in the audience, the hypnotist is talking about what happened and stuff like that and this kid jumps up and starts yelling that the hypnotist is a fake. The kid said his name was Homer Simpson.The hypnotist snapped and said "Wake up" at the same time and the kid stopped. The hypnotist kept talking and this one girl walked up onto stage looking really confused and gave him a kiss, then she got off stage and went around giving all the guys kisses. Then he did the snap-wake-up thing again, and ditto. This whole time Dan will not look at me, and I don't get it because he usually puts his arm around the chair of the person next to him and he was turned in the other direction. Next this kid starts running around yelling that the Russians are coming. Snap, the kid woke up. Apparently, all this weird stuff they are doing is what the hypnotist told us to do when he said a cetain word.

I'm half listening to the hypnotist, half staring at the crazy kids running around when all of a sudden, I get this, well... urge. People turned around to look at me and I looked at Dan and, geez, his goatee makes him look so much like, well, someone... it was strange. I tried to make him face me so I could look in his eyes. He wouldn't, so I crawled in his lap and started trying to kiss and neck with him. He wouldn't let me, and I said "Danny, what's wrong?" And then I stopped. I looked up and everybody is staring at me and I look at Dan and holy cow I am straddling my house mate! Well, I jumped up and stared at the crowd and then stared at Dan for a while. I sat back down for a second, then picked up my purse, tapped Dan on the leg and said "I'll be outside." I get down the aisle and to the back when the Sand Man called me. I turn around and I don't remember. I really don't. I remember waking up, sitting on the floor where I had been standing. I stood up and Dan took me back to a chair.

I wasn't embarrassed. I wasn't scared. I was a little nervous, but here is the thing: I've been lonely for you know boyfriendish compainionship for a bit and I think about two guys constantly. And as for the first, I can't help but miss him, I was in love with him for a while and he was a big part of my life for a while. well, oh well. Anyway, now, it's really neat. I don't miss those two like I did. I mean, yes I miss them as friends and what not, but not as lovers as I used to. Weird, huh? Laugh if you will, but it's all true...

But, don't go telling anybody this... on my request, we didn't even tell our other house mates...

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