Thursday, August 14, 2003

: you wanna know what she said in an email? that she loved me
: that's intense... esp comming from Her
: yea.. she even said that it was weird.. but it felt right for her to say it... and i just... didnt feel quite the same way
: Wow
: Did you tell her you didn't?
: i didnt know how i felt about her and it was tearing me apart... so she left to spare me the pain
: wow
: Okay, when I talk to her, do you mind if i tell her that it's worthless to waste yourself over a dumb guy?
: Because, were kids
: as long as you dont mention me.. otherwise all you will get is random jibberish
: Okay, I dig
: shes fighting demons in her head that wont let her forget anything.. they are tring to make her weak.. and shes losing to them
: Damnit

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