Thursday, August 21, 2003

Trying to think of something spunky or poetic to post and I'm failing. I looked up some old poetry of mine that I haven't posted anywhere, and it was not really as smooth as I'd like. It sounded so young... not as to age of poet, but as to age of skill. And it wasn't. It was about falling, and like how I don't want to be caught when I'm falling. I'm blinded by the clouds drifting by. It's about falling in love. Or Infatuation, really. Because really, I was an infatuation junkie in high school. Geez, those were the day's weren't they?

All my intense poetry is depressing and dark anyway. I like the spunky stuff like "affair with an older man," not that I've ever had an affair with an older man. But the poetry flows and rolls quite well. I like it when it does that.
Let it flow let it tumble... let it ramble and rumble...
see where it goes and see if she knows...
how sexy she ambles

I should probably write something about what I'm going through because I've fallen for an unattainable guy. Yea, he's taken. Girls, you know how it goes: If they're cute, if they've got a great personality, if they treat girls right, if they're basically a great guy... they are either gay or taken. Wouldn't you know....

I've never met anyone quite like the current Object of my Affection. He's really quite wonderful. Except for that one little thing. And it's not like he doesn't know. And it's not like I don't know what it's like to be caught up in his arms. And yes, I know what a great kisser he is.

"Penny for your thought?" I asked.
"All I want to do right now is kiss you..."

You know what he used to do? We'd be standing by my car, I'm about to leave his house and he pulls me into his arms for one of his great hugs. We pull apart slightly and he dips me way down. He holds me there and kisses me. That was thrilling, it really truely was. He's just so wonderful.

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