Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Today, I went to daily mass and then I drove around. For some reason, driving around today was more carefree and uplifting than it usually is. I felt like I could do absolutly anything in the world. In reality, I just drove down Washington, took a right on Main, left on Broad and cruised Broad until it's end where it dropped me off on to McDaniel, left onto woodland, and from thence I don't know the street names, but I drove up to Tech and realized that I didn't have the address of the place where I need to send my transcripts. So I took the long way out of Tech and drove home.

I was going a little faster than I should and wishing I was in a better car so I could embrace the curves like a long lost friend. It's really great driving around without a care in the world. I haven't driven myself around in a while, so I think that's why I missed it so. My sister has taken us to youth group the past two sundays. Everytime I go out with a friend they are driving... With the exception of last saturday, I haven't driven my car in about three weeks, give or take a couple days. I am going to miss driving around on the open road... Well it wasn't really the open road today, it was more like down town ... but I do enjoy driving around down town ... more so in my moms car, because my car is multicolored and the bumper well... its a little less than desireable...

She's no Roxie QuikSylvur, but She's better than nix

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