Monday, August 11, 2003

Okay I was online and I was asking Allen, who is episcopal about the whole scandal thing going on and I got all curious about episcopalianism (?) in general because I don't know much about it and I was telling him that:

Mary: I'm just generally curious by nature and I'm just now starting to want to learn more about other religions and denominations, because I don't like being ignorant... you know? I'm used to people coming up to me and swearing up and down that catholics worship mary,
Allen: no...catholics ask mary to pray for them
Allen: correct?
Mary: Yay!

It's so super that someone finally knows the truth and I don't have to beat it into their head.

But then again there's also
Mary: Do episcopals believe that the bread and wine are true Body and Blood of Christ?
Allen: now that's something i've never thought to ask
Mary: Wow
Mary: I will look up on website
(I had found website about the episcopal church)
Allen: ok

So, he knows something about Catholocism that most protestants don't... but not something so fundamental about his faith? I didn't say anything, but it just made me curious.

It's neat learning about the Episcopal church though, There are so many similarities, yet so many differences between the our two churches...

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