Saturday, August 09, 2003

Just got back from working on Buddy Folk's house... we did the out side... It was hard work.... I'm thinking it wasn't the best idea for me to go, still recuperating and all... it was almost 30 minutes work 15 minutes break for me... and that's not usually like me... i usually go all morning and take one break maybe... just get water or gatorade handed to me. (or thrown up to me if I'm on the roof) It was mostly yard work and I'm not used to yard work..... and this was tough stuff. Vines growing into the house... grass and weeds as tall as I am (maybe taller) and just a lot of pulling vines and cutting and stuff for me... there were about a million lawn mowers and weed eaters going and then Jimmy, Kevin, and David were on the roof with the chain saw cutting down the tree branches... and I think we took down one tree... The difference was phenomenal... I wish I could be there when we start to work on the inside!!!

Nobody from St. Mary Mag came, and Allen couldn't come b/c his fam went up to west virginia to see his grandad. But we had a bunch of people there! Stevo, Christine and Walt Laiewski; Nick, Lauren, and Mr. Bernard; Justin and Mr. State; Christen and Mrs Clinkscales; Anne Marie (Princess Barbie!); Patrick; Jason; Jimmy; Kevin; David; Chuck; and some people who's name I don't know... It was super!

We got a lot of work done...

Well Tiffy wants to go do something so I'm off

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