Sunday, August 17, 2003

I found this slightly humorous (as most conversations with this person are!) and thought I'd post it. No telling if he think's its humorous. But, on the bright side he did say "lol"

JDB: tell me something, and be honest about it...

mE: okay
mE: i might plead the fifth
JDB: how would you describe me...
mE: tall
JDB: personality wise
mE: why
JDB: i'm just trying to figure it out what people really think of me...
mE: I've told you before...
mE: You want me to be brutally honest?
JDB: yes
mE: i find you cocky and rather annoying at times
JDB: ok
JDB: but would i be myself if i wasn't?

mE: The world may never know
JDB: i'm trying to change for the better, but i have to know my flaws first, so i can change
mE: You talk about yourself too much and you're moody sometimes for little to no real reason
mE: teenage angst is really really really annoying
JDB: i agree...
mE: oh good, then stop
JDB: lol

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