Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I found this instant messanger conversation especially humorous!

Mark: Hey! I will renounce teasing
mE: Commence groveling
Mark: First, I am sorry. You must tell me more forcefully that I'm annoying you
Mark: I hope you will continue to keep me unblocked although I do not deserve it
mE: Is that better? Or do you need a few slaps to the stomache to reinforce it
mE: Keep groveling
Mark: I was dense, OK? I didn't see that I was annoying you
mE: Even when I was telling you?
mE: Keep groveling. I will check this IM screen between Rum and Monkey articles, it only takes me a minute or two to finish each one.
Mark: I know I should've seen it comming, but for some reason, I didn't
mE: You are bad at groveling...
mE: Go look it up in the dictionary
Mark: um... thanks
Mark: At least consider forgiving me!
mE: See what I typed?
mE: Grovel, boy
Mark: It's hard to grovel on IM
mE: You aren't trying hard enough
mE: What am I meaning by grovel?Pour our your most heartfelt apology using the most sincere words and beg, yes BEG for forgivness....
mE: That might satiate my appetite
Mark: Please forgive me! I don't deserve it, but if you would forgive me, I would be forever grateful! I don't deserve you talking to me!
mE: Oh, and it would be super if you could use proper grammar
Mark: Yes, it would. Yet another example of my inadequacies! And if you would forgive me for that, too, it would be great
Mark: And, as I humble myself to you, I ask that you consider forgiveness
mE: Proper capitilization, comma usage and the like as well
mE: We come to a bit of case and point here, Mark.
mE: Why are you groveling?
Mark: Mary, I am undeserving of your forgiveness. However, I ask that you consider it. I understand that your forgivness is not deserved. So, PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ FORGIVE ME
mE: No... I'm serious. Why are you groveling?
Mark: On many occasions, I was heartless, cold, thoughtless especially
mE: No, merely annoying. But now... I say "Mark, grovel," and you grovel.
mE: Mark! Roll over! Shake! Fetch!
mE: Do you catch my drift?
mE: Mark, why do you grovel now?
Mark: Actually, I've suspected your 'drift'
Mark: *rolls over
Mark: *shakes
mE: I also said fetch...
Mark: oops, here I go then, fetching
mE: Ahh, boy
mE: You let women walk all over you, don't you.
mE: I could use you so easily.
Mark: You know what I was thinking?
mE: And yet the question comes to mind, "Why not? Why not use him and lose him? So easy..."
mE: What were you thinking?
Mark: I was thinking, she is doing exaclty what she told me not to do: messing around
mE: I am not messing around
mE: I am serious
mE: Mark, you grovel and you beg for what?
Mark: Your forgiveness! You had me blocked all day, after all
mE: I needed a break
Mark: From my messing around? You should have yelled at me so long ago
mE: So, you are saying that your need for my forgivness is enough for you to allow me to treat you like a bitch?
Mark: Well ... it is just AIM after all
mE: And you think I wouldn't do this if we were face to face?
mE: Mark, you are looking at me with open arms and saying:
mE: Walk all over me!
mE: Please! I am your carpet! Your welcome mat!
Mark: awww

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