Saturday, August 09, 2003

Hey all... i haven't posted in so long but I'm going to start back up because maybe somebody will want to know what's going on in my life after I leave.... You know, for the volunteer program? Anyway, I completed another session of HomeWorks (That makes G'Vegas and Johns Island for this year). Steven and I were in charge of a roofing site... I was the oldest and most experienced person there! That was terrifying... I've never even used a circular saw! (I don't like saws... I only like the midar saw...) We finished our project anyway... There were major hotties at Johns Island as well... To bad I'm so short because a couple of 'em were rather tall. Pat was so hot. He was super nice also, I say this because people will think I just look at the body and not at the person... No, Pat is an awesome person! Also he calls me Hottie and I call him Sexy ;-) There was this other guy there who was pretty awesome and all the girls on my site said it was pretty darn obvious I had a crush on him... This was when the girls were on one side of the roof doing ridge caps and the guys were on the other... GIRL TALK! He only lives in Cola and goes to school in Sparkle City... not bad...

At JI HW, site leaders can stay up and chill or whatever (we don't do this at G'Vegas... but we also didn't have but one site leader meeting.....) Many of the site leaders (and Jerome... though he's not a site leader, still groovy fella) stayed up playing ping pong, and panda pong when all the ping pong balls were broken... and chatting and raiding the fridge... :-P

Greg still kept calling me "Mommy Mary" and one of the guys from the cathedral actually asked if I was a mommy, he said I acted like one. Geez... I'm only 18!

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