Sunday, August 10, 2003

Guy problems ARE complicated! I'm not even dating and I'm having problems with TWO guys! One from the very recent past and one from... well just a friend really... but he's pretty awesome, and cute, and sweet, and I would date him, if I were dating, and if he were interested (he is getting over a long term relationship) and if I weren't so short!!!

Anyway, youth group was groovy fun today... well except for all the noise makers... It was Lauren Bernard's b-day... she's turning fifteen... there were a lot of people at youth group though... and we talked about dressing modestly... yea... can we say controversy! Well, it's all good... hey, next sunday is my last sunday! Ahhhh!!!! I might cry... but I'll try not to!

Well, I really haven't a ton to say

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