Monday, August 18, 2003

FairiKitty: I am done playing game
Mxeroll: you shouldnt play comp games it rots your brain
FairiKitty: no, it was a smart persons game
FairiKitty: Trivial Pursuit!
Mxeroll: Wow, I guess that makes you a smart person
FairiKitty: I am!
FairiKitty: I am the smartest person in this whole house!
Mxeroll: hush you're home alone prob
FairiKitty: So....

shadowghoul1015: so did you figure out what all your taking
FairiKitty: stuff
shadowghoul1015: lol
FairiKitty: I've got all the clothes i'm takin packed, 'cept shoes, I've just gotta do the rest of the stuff
shadowghoul1015: thats good
FairiKitty: like hair spray and make up... Important stuff
shadowghoul1015: oh yeah, i never have to worry about that stuff
FairiKitty: I've got the books I wanna take and a photo album and my cd's and a crucifix
FairiKitty: and the throw blanket from Johns Island
shadowghoul1015: oh yeah
shadowghoul1015: cant forget the blanket
FairiKitty: what else do i need to take
shadowghoul1015: um, i dont know how a girl packs
FairiKitty: awww
shadowghoul1015: lol, ask greg
FairiKitty: HAHAHA

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