Thursday, May 22, 2003

I have a great sweetie for a friend:

lxm: any new developments in your love life?
FairiKitty: None at all sugar. Chris and I broke up in January and I've been single since

lxm: awwww
FairiKitty: Yea
FairiKitty: Life can be a bi.. well you know

lxm: i'm sorry, i hope you find someone just for you
FairiKitty: thanx, me too
lxm: yeah, i know. Life throws you a bunch of curveballs. But, don't give up on us guys though! Someone out there is waiting for their princess too!
FairiKitty: You are such a sweet heart... thank you
lxm: your welcome :-)
lxm: oops, you're
lxm: geez

FairiKitty: lol! :-D

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