Sunday, April 20, 2003

It's been a couple weeks since I wrote in this...I've been going through a lot.... but I'm getting better. I feel a lot stronger, you know... I think I have a few good friends out there...

I'm working on it...

This weekend, I went out a bunch with friends who are home for the week. After Good Friday service, I went to Fazoli's with Mike Kirk, Brent, and Jason. That night I went to the Way of the Cross and I sat with the Reynolds. Saturday I went to the soup kitchen. Jimmy and his family, Patrick, Jason, Alexander "Spence", Justin, Stevo, were also at the soup kitchen. And then we all went to Ruby Tuesday's ('cept Spence and Justin) with Brent, Christine and Anna Banana... It was cool. I went home and spent a few quality hours with the Word,

I met up with Patrick, Chad, Patricia, Megan, Tiffy and Gideon and we went to the Easter Vigil. Afterwards, we all went to IHOP, plus Reynard, Brent, and Jason. Patrick and I realized that we started and ended Lent at IHOP and almost called Jimmy right then and there, but it was almost Midnight... :-)

Happy Easter Y'all!!

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