Monday, March 17, 2003

Found a way to get myself to stop doing wrong things, imagine, what if one of the little girls I babysit for saw me dressed like this/saying this/doing this? See, I love them so much, and that would be so so wrong for them to see me like that... I mean I shouldn't be doing those things, so that helps.

Chief Calmes always upsets me when he talks about my being "non commited" he raises his voice whether he knows it or not. I stare at the ceiling and drop little comments when I deem necessary. But instead of getting angry on the way home, I was just like "he's just being... persistent. He doesn't want me to miss out. I'd be upset if I were him"... similar to how I decided not to say that Chris moves on rather quickly... but he... uses his time wisely. I call him efficent! Turn what I might think to be a vice into a virtue. It's good. Sorta like I how I said I was "persistent" in the tenth grade when I had to write a poem about a virtue of mine. I was like I'm stubborn... hmmm.... persistent! :-D The poem is written below. It earned top marks.

Anyway, I went to the 0730 mass on Sunday and then worked from 0900-1400 then I went home and watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I really really liked it. I went to youth group. Yay, jason and anna were there!

Father Newman came up and talked and did adoration and a simple benediction service for us. It was awesome! (Though, I do like the elaborate ones)...

Hey going to go, must leave in 15 minutes... happy St. Patrick's day! Party 'til you're green!


Quietly, the angel sighs
Looking up through the star-streaked skies
She wants to fly
She spreads her wings, again she tries
But she falls gently to the ground
She wants to cry, but makes no sound
Looking to the sky, knowing she can win
She tries to fly again and again
Now her patience is almost gone
And she feels she can't go one
But one last time she tries to fly
And before she knows it... she's in the sky!
She smiles happily, proud that she won
Proud she had the courage to continue on

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