Tuesday, March 18, 2003

FairiKitty: You don't HAVE to do anything you don't want to do
FairiKitty: Why do you have to go... if you didn't then would you lose your position?
FairiKitty: If so, Then you don't HAVE to go... but if you WANT to retain your position, then you WANT to go
FairiKitty: Duh

navyallthewaybby: pretty much, and i would pretty much fail the class if i didn't go....
FairiKitty: You don't HAVE to go, But you don't WANT to fail
navyallthewaybby: so i HAVE to go
FairiKitty: Nope, it's all a choice
FairiKitty: The only thing we HAVE to do is be born and die

navyallthewaybby: and we don't HAVE to be born......
navyallthewaybby: we don't HAVE to exist....
FairiKitty: You don't have a CHOICE about being born
FairiKitty: Duh
FairiKitty: you cannot do anything about being born
FairiKitty: you cannot do anything about inevitable death

navyallthewaybby: cryogenics........
FairiKitty: you might be able to prolong life
FairiKitty: but in the end we all must die

navyallthewaybby: all............but the chosen one...............
FairiKitty: Well, yea, well Jesus did die
FairiKitty: But Elijah didn't die and neither did Enoch, and tradition says Mary didn't die

navyallthewaybby: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
navyallthewaybby: it's NEO
FairiKitty: Oh
FairiKitty: stoopid

navyallthewaybby: lol :-D
FairiKitty: you dork

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