Tuesday, February 25, 2003

What was I talkin' 'bout yesterday? I don't remember, but I did, however, find $20 today and I'm gonna treat myself to Jack-In-The-Box before babysitting.

Hey, OMG, Tanya had the greatest idea of how to get back and you know control those "muderous rages" but I can't say on here. It's really great. I'll have to tell PC2 Jones. He'll think it's great because murder... well that's sorta illegal and would probably withhold me from the Nuclear Program, among other things. Especially if I was convicted

But hey, I saved $131 today, spent $20. Yes, I rock!

Oh and did I tell you that the Admiral (c/o of recruiting) is commin to Zone Six of NRD Atlanta on March 16th? :-D I will, of course, be there! DEP Yeoman of NRS Greenville. I'm excited. HTC Calmes sez I have to spiffy up the office first, so, I'm working on the DEP Pool board...

Oh, and SCYC 2003 is March 7-9! I'm soo excited! Ceili Rain is going to be there! Jesse Manibusin! (or however you spell it) and Daniel's Window is the house band!!! This SCYC is gonna rock the house all the way down, sugar!

Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone, it'd be paradise to put up a parking lot... mmmm, bap bap bap..

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