Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Well, I decided that I don't really care if I offend anyone one on this site anymore, because if you get hurt, you know who I'm talkin' too, you deserve it.

Chris? My friends are all in agreement that you're a jerk. Anne Marie says you've lost all your appeal since you did this. I mean, damn boy, why couldn't you've just been straight up. I think that's the worst. Can't do the dirty work yourself? Can't break up with me? Just wait for me to do it? I cannot frickin' believe you let us do what we did over the holidays. I really thought you weren't like the other guys. I thought you weren't a jerk, but I'm tellin' you this straight. I feel used. I will never put up with a guy like you again.

I cannot believe you had the audcity to ask me for dating advice, Chris. Want some advice? Get a vasectomy. We need no more of you. Too much? Fine. Be celibate forever.

Oh, and the way that my girls suggest I get back at you? Well, they think I should date your best friend or older brother. I won't sink to your level though, as cruel as that is and as sexy as Matt is. But o/c not really plausible, but the girls thought it'd be good.

Liz, I never expected this from someone like you. Actually I saw it coming, but I never expected that someone like you could wrong a friend the way you have. I thought you were a down girl. Friends just don't do that to friends, that’s just how it is... Friends respect each other and care about each other. So, since I sense none of that from you, I figured it was A-OK to drop by the school and tell everybody what you and Chris are doing. Phoebe agrees, friends don't do that to friends. I can't believe you thought everything could be ok between us! What kinda friend does that?

What planet are you two from? Do you think you can walk all over me? You two are really dense if you think everything would still be the same after this.

The thing is, this is one conflict that I never have to resolve. I leave in June, and I never have to hear from you two or see you two again. I hope to never see either of you darken my doorway after I leave. You will always know that you wronged a friend in one heinous way. I will know that I got out of it.

I hope you two have a nice life.

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