Thursday, February 20, 2003

This st00pid vulnerability thing. Are you understanding what I mean by it? I may not be thinking right. The happened to me a lot, though never to this extent, obviously, that was a very differerent relationship than any other in the world. But what I mean is I used to confuse friendship for something else a lot. Like my junior year, you remember my junior year. Sad sad stuff. But I was just lonely I guess. I mean, this shouldn't even be an issue yet. I thought I was swearing off guys. Man.... I'm just an attention _____. Sigh. Oh well. Life will figure it's self out.

Love mary

(you wanna know what's funny. I don't remember writing that "than any other in the world" bit. I looked up at the TV and looked back and it was there. This facinates me to no end.)

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