Sunday, February 23, 2003

So, AFJROTC ball was last night. It was a lot of fun! Actually, my dress was taped to me up top. I am sooo glad I did that, I'm tellin' ya! It was such a sexy dress too. Tite red hot number. Justin told me I was the hottest girl there (I think he was just having too much fun dancing). Banks said same thing, but mushier. See, I'm in the call-me-sexy stage, not call-me-beautiful stage. But... I didn't really dance w/ Banks too much b/c he's really white and just can't. He doesn't know how to loosen up (what is it with these guys?). And I couldn't slow dance too much because he's really really tall.

Well, this was a high school dance, so what kinda dancing do you think was going on? Booty. All of it, I swear. For slow song, we had Feelin' on your booty by R. Kelly. (Okay, sure there were more, but that dancing was half booty / half slow.)

Okay, I'm admiting it, but I did more than my fair share of booty dancing. Last night I wanted to feel sexy. I didn't really wanna care. I didn't get as down and dirty as some of the other girls, but I got my dance on, girlfriend. Black people said I was a good dancer. Guess that means I'm good at booty dancing. I mean, it's not like it's hard. I guess I was the only non black girl getting so into it. I'm not being racist or discriminating or anything people. You just gotta understand... black people can dance!

Afterwards, Banks and I went to one of his friends house's. They're gamers. I havent' gamed in a long time, though. They were nice. Then after that we drove home, but stopped at Jack-in-the-Box, b/c I'm tellin' ya, I was wantin' a Sourdough Jack, babe. It was good, too.

Well, that was my scandelous night until if I go to prom with somebody. (What? you didn't think dancing at prom was good clean fun, did you?

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