Monday, February 17, 2003

One night while I lay in bed, trying unsuccessfully to sleep, I spotted my warm fuzzy hanging on the wall. Don't know what a warm fuzzy is? Well it's a lot of yarn basically. Haha, no, it's a pom-pom of sorts of different colored yarn. Well, anyway, when I saw it, It reminded me of that time that Patrick and I were running the wrong way down those flat escalator thingys in Newark International Airport. We saw a nun sitting with her baggage. Tied to her black rolling suitcase was a red and white warm fuzzy.

Patrick: "Cool! It's a nun!"
Mary: "I wonder if she's going to Toronto?"
Patrick: "Let's ask her!"

So we did. We stood on the flat escalator thingy until we got to the end (we went the right way this time, however I was sitting on the railing. It's just a thing that must be done.) We walked up to the nun and she smiled politely at the cheerful and most likely hyper teenagers standing before her.

Patrick: "You have a warm fuzzy on your bag."
Nun: "A what?"
Patrick: "A warm fuzzy!" (points to warm fuzzy)
Nun: "Ah, yes! I use that to tell which bag is mine when I travel."
Mary: "Oh, good idea. I have woven braclets on mine!"
Nun smiles.
Patrick: "Are you going to World Youth Day?"
Nun: "No, no. I'd love to go, but I'm going to Rome, actually."
Mary: "Rome! But the Pope won't be there!"
Patrick: "Yea! He's coming to see
Nun: "Well, I'm going to be there for several months, so I'll get to see him. I've actually been to Rome once before to see him. I have a picture. Would you like to see?"
Patrick and Mary nod vigorusly.
Patrick: "Yea!"

Nun pulls out her wallet and shows us a picture of Pope John Paul II praying over her. Most lovely. We talked about that for some time. I can't remember exactly what was said.
But, our time to meet our group draws near. We say farewell and she blesses us. Delightful!

We tell everybody in our group that we met a way cool nun. I'm sure they don't recall, but that was a very good memory. It just came to me, and I thought I'd share it.

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